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 How to Go Green with Your Plantings

1.        Choose plants that fit the environment:
•        For wet areas, use plants that require a lot of moisture.
•        For dry areas, use drought tolerant plants.
•        Make sure the sun requirements fit your plant requirements.

2.        Use plants that are natural for your area:
•        Native plants use less water.
•        They have less disease problems.
•        They have less insect problems.
•        There are many cultivated varieties of native plants; their benefits may include longer and
denser flowering, less invasive qualities and more compact growth habits.

3.        Use plant cultivars that have been bred for disease and insect resistance as well as
aesthetic purposes.

4.        The larger the plant, the more carbon dioxide it absorbs and the more oxygen it releases:
•        If you have the space, plant large trees.

5.        Use cultivation methods to eliminate weeds instead of herbicides.
•        Use at least 2-4 inches of mulch to conserve water and reduce weeds. Replenish as
•        Use a tool designed for cutting weeds at the surface and use it before the weeds get out of

6.        Use deer resistant plants if you have deer:
•        This saves time, cash and frustration.
•        If you are having deer browsing problems, consider a deer fence or spraying a product
designed to deter deer (These products are usually just scents and are not harmful to the

Natures Magic Design offers horticultural consultations that can help you to achieve these
“Green” goals.

We also offer full landscape designs with a personalized plant list, a site plan to scale, and a
hand drawn, color representation of what it can all look like when completed.

Written by Jodi Jenkins 2008