We offer many customizable services for your landscape and horticultural
needs. This is a highlight of the process for our most popular product.......a full
design for one or more portions of your residence.

Our Process

Step 1: On Site Consultation
We walk your property with you noting your needs and desires. We will offer our ideas and
specific suggestions. At this point you decide if you need to go into the design phase or keep it
as a consultation. To produce your design, we will then measure and take photos and discuss
your project with you in greater detail.

Step 2: Produce Your Design
Back at our office, we set up your site plan in ink. It is at this point that our horticulturist
professionally chooses and adds your plant selections to the site plan and creates your plant
list. Our designer then hand draws and colors the inked site plan to produce a full color
illustration, if this option is chosen. It is done to scale and can be used for installation. The full
color illustration shows what your finished landscape can look like.

Step 4: Design Follow up
We include a telephone/Skype follow up consultation and unlimited telephone or e-mail contact
after the delivery of your design which extends to discussing any questions or concerns your
installers may have. If you are ordering your own materials, we can assist with questions you
may have about that as well. You can call or e-mail with any question or concern once the
design is completed.
color illust
logo graphic
This is an example of the black and white site
This is an example of a hand drawn,
full color illustration
Natures Magic Design
plant card
We offer a full range of options
besides the basic design. We
are a full service landscape
design and horticultural
services company. Please
e-mail us with your needs
and we can discuss what
Natures Magic Design can
assist you with!
Example of a Plant Card
i.e. plant list
Example of a Plant List
b & W site plan
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